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When something hasn’t been done before, Sara Hermansson wants to give it a go. She has a Master of Science in product development engineering and manufacturing. She has led innovation for more than ten years, latest at Northvolt helping to build the company from only 20 people to over 1500. Sara Hermansson has founded the Female Leader Engineer organization and has been awarded both Future Female Leader and Female Role Model of the Year for her work with gender equality in the tech world.


Sandra Bourbon is passionate about innovation. She has earned a Master of Science in Engineering Physics and during her professional life she has mainly worked as a management consultant and entrepreneur. Sandra Bourbon is frequently hired as a lecturer and inspirational speaker and often appears on TV, on radio and in newspapers and author of the book Swedish Innovation. She has been awarded various prizes, including Super Talent and Super Communicator.

Everything great that ever happened in this world happened first in somebody´s imagination.

Astrid Lindgren

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Sandra Bourbon has interviewed ten of Sweden's top innovators. The results of these interviews are presented in the book Swedish Innovation.

The book highlights Sweden as a pioneering country when it comes to innovation. What does it really take to succeed in innovation? Which pitfalls should be avoided? What is the difference between disruptive and sustaining innovation? Answers to these questions can be found in the book.

Swedish Innovation contains over 100 inspiring and encouraging quotes from Sweden's leading top innovators. Innovators highlight the importance of diversity in the team as an important success factor. Some of the top innovators' very best tips for creating a successful innovation culture are: dare to take risks, be brave and never stop learning.

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